Your Custom Logo | Classic Trucker Hat


This is perfect for the business owner, streamer, or YouTuber that wants their logo or brand on a hat! See the description below for more info including formatting.

If you have questions about creating a custom order, send an email to or message us on any of our social media accounts.

Our custom leather hats:

  • Add your logo to this traditional trucker hat
  • Bulk discounts can be applied to multiple colors and styles in the same order
  • Top grain veg-tan leather
  • Sourced from US tanneries

Bulk discounts apply to regular retail price and do not apply to sale items. This will be automatically calculated in the cart.

Discount Quantity Percent
Discount taken from list price 12 - 23 10%
Discount taken from list price 24 - 35 15%
Discount taken from list price 36 - 47 20%
Discount taken from list price 48 - 60 25%
Discount taken from list price 61 - 71 30%
Discount taken from list price 72 + 35%


There is a box where you can upload your artwork. It can be supplied as SVG or PNG. JPGs may also be acceptable if the image size is large enough, though some detail might be lost. Remember, engravings will only be two tones, so designs with multiple colors might not engrave well. If you have questions, send an email to

Each patch is laser engraved and conditioned before a leather sealant is applied. This sealant helps maintain the darkness of the engraving while also providing a level of protection to the leather.

We pride ourselves on the level of detail we can achieve with our laser engraving process, however, some small details may be lost depending on the size of the engraving and the quality of the art work supplied.

Because each patch is made from real, top grain leather, small imperfections might be seen in some patches. The natural grain may also vary slightly from one patch to another.

Care Instructions
  • Do not soak hats with leather patches. Water will cause the leather to dry out and crack over time. You wouldn’t throw a leather handbag or jacket into the wash…your patch is made of the same material!
  • Spot clean only with laundry stain remover and a toothbrush, avoiding the leather patch.
  • Rinse with warm water and let air dry.
  • If your leather patch does get wet (rain, falling in the lake, etc), allow it to air dry. If it falls in salt water, rinse with tap water and allow to air dry.
  • DO NOT run it through the dishwasher or dryer! Too much heat can cause the patch to come loose.